1.     Introduction

The report of the Industrial Training/Siwes is an essential part of the programme.  The programme is, therefore, not deemed to have been passed through by the student, by the School Board of Studies and the University of Senate until a satisfactory report has been written.  The guidelines for writing the reports are therefore set out  below and the student should write the report stressing what he/she did during his/her attachment.


The plan of the report is the student’s own responsibility.  To streamline all reports, the following outline is to be followed by every students.
2.1     Title
2.2     Name of Student (Surname first)
2.2.1  Matriculation Number
2.2.2  Course and Year (e.g. Bus. Edu. 3)
2.3     Location & Firm of Training
2.4     Summary or Abstracts of report (about ¾ – 1 page) it should containing all the essentials inside the report)
2.5     Acknowledgement

2.5.1  Introduction

Here, the student should state what he/she is going to write about.  He should briefly outline the organisational structure for the company.

2.6     Main Body of the Report

This is the most important part of the report and the student must show own innovations.  The plan and order sequence should include mainly:
a.       The skills and practices the student required
b.       The operation and maintenance training received
c.       The specific work done must be given adequate coverage
d.       Any design, calculations, and analysis must be carefully, but briefly recorded.
e.       Supervision and any leadership role played in a given project or assignment (if any) must be briefly reported so as to leave no one in doubt as to student’s actual involvement.
f.        Sketches, diagrams, graphs and drawings (if any) must all have titles and designated as Fig. 1, 2 etc. and each must be referred to at least once in the report.
g.       Experimental test, together with the tables of results must also be given adequate coverage.  Each table should be given a title in a sequential order as:  Table 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. with related titles, and must be referred to at least once in the text.

2.7     Conclusion

Here, the student should state again what he has achieved, contributed and learnt during this attachment.

2.8   Acknowledgements 

All those who have in any way helped the student to the success of his training may be noted in this section.

2.9     References

A list of references may be necessary. It should be listed in the order the references are referred to in the report and also listed alphabetically.

2.10   Appendices (if any)

Detailed description of working principles of most apparatus, equipment or devices may be reserved for the appendix section.  Only in exceptional cases when the apparatus is the main focus of training should detailed description form part of the main report.